What is Next for Digital Social Innovation?

What is Next for Digital Social Innovation?

Join Martel Innovate at the #DSINext workshop – 16 May 2017, London

Ensuring the growth of Digital Social Innovation

Digital Social Innovation? What it is all about?

Over the last few years there has seen an impressive growth in projects and organizations using digital technologies such as open hardware, open data and crowdsourcing to address a variety of social and sustainability challenges, with inspiring examples of scale and partnerships between private and public players all across Europe and worldwide.

Today in London at the “What is next for digital social innovation?” workshop hosted by NESTA and featured by the DSI4EU project, we joined active players from all across Europe that are engaged in making Digital Social Innovation a growing reality to help addressing crucial sustainability problems our society is facing.

Martel’s Engagement in the Digital Social Innovation Scene

Through our participation to today’s workshop in London, we voiced Martel’s work and efforts within the context of the Horizon 2020 CAPS programme as Project Coordinator of the Coordination and Support Action ChiC.

CAPS – Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation – is a European-driven initiative that is nowadays gathering 24 research and innovation projects active is several domains, including Internet Science, Shared Economy, Open Data, Open Democracy, etc. ChiC is one of these 24 projects and aims at providing support to the whole CAPS ecosystem by facilitating synergies across the various players.

The Digital Social Innovation Manifesto initiative #DSIManifesto

18485923_1039954676139735_8991357355083982366_nOne of the most recent activities ChiC has been promoting is the Digita Social Innovation Manifesto initiative, which has been presented to the big audience today in London, during the dedicated session chaired by Dr. Monique Calisti, Director of Martel Innovate.

This initiative aims at putting together the Digital Social Innovation Manifesto as a mean to voice digital social innovators all across Europe, fostering civic participation in DSI and CAPS initiatives to counteract prevailing top-down approaches while promoting active citizenship. The DSI Manifesto, which is a living document that will evolve in the next few months, should contribute to understand better how social innovation processes can be enforced, transferred and potentially reused for effective scaling up of social innovation initiatives.


“Martel is fully committed to make this initiative happen and provide support to all CAPS projects and DSI players” stresses Monique at the end of the session. “The Digital Social Innovation Manifesto excercise is valuable to set priorities for all innovators and active players in the DSI landscape. We hope therefore many people will contribute to the process via the currently open online consultation and via participation to the DSI Manifesto workshop to be held 23 May in Rimini.”


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