Martel Media Organising the DSI Manifesto Workshop in Rimini

Martel Media Organising the DSI Manifesto Workshop in Rimini

DSI Manifesto Workshop, 23 May 2017, Rimini

On the May 23rd 2017, the Digital Social Innovation (DSI) Community will meet in Rimini at the Innovation Square for a workshop dedicated to the discussion of the Digital Social Innovation Manifesto.

The DSI Manifesto Workshop is meant to voice the needs and aspirations of a growing movement of people all around Europe, exploring solutions to address some of the society’s biggest challenges, through the deployment of digital technologies through bottom-up initiativesas stated by Dr Monique Calisti, Director of Martel Innovate and Project Coordinator of the Horizon 2020 ChiC project, that is in charge of organizing the event.The digital social innovation develops new solutions to social and environmental issues untapped by the traditional political and socio-economic dynamics. It strives to operate in a fair and efficient way, creating new partnerships between public and private players, and actively involving  communities of citizens, students, civil society players, etc.

bricks graphic facilitationRimini Workshop is organized within the context of the Rimini Wake Hub 2017 initiative, in its second edition, and brings to Rimini (Italy), EC representatives, and the active players in Horizon 2020 European funded projects belonging to the “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation” programme (CAPS).

The digital social community in Rimini, represented by the Palloncino Rosso organization, will showcase relevant local initiatives and will interact with the international experts attending the workshop.

The European Digital Social Innovation Community is made of start-ups, NGOs, academics, researchers and policy makers who aim to sustain the social innovation through the responsible use of the next generation Internet, keeping the community benefits at the core of their actions.

Digital technologies offer great opportunities for social development: education, social integration, sustainable development, knowledge sharing and access to services. However, they also pose great challenges: data sharing, privacy, economic and technological resources concentration in a few industrial and institutional hands.

Across Europe, a growing movement of people is exploring opportunities for DSI, developing bottom-up solutions leveraging on participation, collaboration, decentralization, openness, and multi-disciplinarity approaches. Due to the little public and private investment in DSI, the limited experience in large-scale take-up of collective solutions, and the relative lack of skills of DSI actors (civil society) compared to commercial companies, DSI still functions at a relatively small scale.

The DSI Manifesto aims at fostering civic participation into democratic and social processes, increasing societal resilience and mutual trust as core elements of the Digital Society. It provides recommendations for policy makers, to drive the development of the European Digital Single Market in order to fulfill first and foremost societal and sustainability challenges (rather than short-lived economic interests), with the help and engagement of all citizens.

The DSI Manifesto currently focuses on five major areas that shall be discussed and prioritised in Rimini in collaboration with the participants:

  • Financial resource distribution
  • Innovation and experimentation
  • Digital education
  • Democracy participation
  • Openness (hardware and software)

Zooming into the DSI Manifesto workshop

dsim-twMonique Calisti, Martel Innovate Executive Director and ChiC Project Coordinator will open the workshop introducing Mr Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini for the city’s welcome. Stavroula Maglavera, Thessaly University, will present the DSI Manifesto and kick-off the panels.

Among the guest speakers are: Loretta Anania, Programme Officer EC, Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology Next Generation Internet, Mario Calderini, Professor, School of Management, Polytechnic University of Milan; Laura Sartori, Associate Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Bologna University; Gillian Youngs, Professor of Creative and Digital Economy, University of Westminster, London; Lorenzo Lipparini, Councillor for Participation and Open data of Milan Municipality, Eugenia Rossi di Schio, Councillor for Digital Innovation Rimini Municipality, Panayotis Antoniadis, Co-founder NetHood, Peter Baeck, Head of Collaborative Economy Research at Nesta, and Fiorenza Lipparini Director of Research at Plusvalue.

In the afternoon, Antonella Passani, Partner of T6, will coordinate the four working groups which will focus on specific areas of interest:

  • From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Communities
  • Networked Democracy: What is the future for direct-democracy tools? What is the secret for successful citizen-engagement?
  • Collective Intelligence: adoption, interoperability, real needs of online communities, motivation, open data and privacy standards
  • Digital Education and Internet for all: Investing in the future, millennials and diversity of voice

Afterwards, the representatives of the local social innovation will present their experiences: Lisa Rambaldi, Figli del Mondo; Ettore Valzania, Fratelli e’ possibile; Giulia Bubbolini, CISE, Annalisa Spalazzi, IT.A.CA and Giada Girardi, Webit.

The day will conclude with the symbolic signature of the DSI Manifesto developed during the day by all the participants with the Playedo bricks and designed with the help of OpenHub.

If you cannot attend the event, we invite you to contribute to the DSI Manifesto, answering to the online open consultation at:

The Promoters

The DSI Manifesto Workshop is organized by the ChiC project within the context of the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation initiative – The project consortium is composed of three partners: Martel Innovate (Switzerland), Project Coordinator; T6 Ecosystem (Italy); Thessaly University (Greece) with the cooperation of the European Commission and of teh DSI4EU project, together with the patronage of Rimini Municipality and the support of the Innovation Square, Palloncino Rosso and PlayEdo.

We invite you to visit the DSI Manifesto Workshop web site – – for the more detailed agenda and to register ASAP!

The registration is free but seats are limited, so grab your chance!



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We look forward to meeting you in Rimini soon!




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