Our team

Director and Founder

martin-teamMartin Potts

General Director and Founder

Martin Potts is the Founder and General Director of Martel. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering and has worked previously for British Telecom (UK) and Ascom (CH). In 1989, he participated in the RACE-I project R1022: he became the manager of the “follow-on” RACE-II project EXPLOIT (1992-1995) and the Chairman of the Project Line 8, in which all the projects active in the area of ”Test Infrastructure and Interworking” were grouped. In the ACTS Programme, he was the Chairman of the Chain: “Global Network Interoperability”, the Chain Group: “Network Level Interoperability and Management”, and the Cluster of 8 IP/ATM projects. Martin managed the ACTS projects EXPERT and DIANA, and the IST projects CADENUS, SHUFFLE and ADAMANT. He assisted Cisco in the management of the IST project 6NET, Telefonica in the management of the IST project EuQoS and the Italian NREN GARR to manage the FP7 project FEDERICA. Martin was the coordinator of the FP7 project 6DEPLOY-2 (IPv6 deployment and support) and the FIRE Unit’s Support Action project FIRE STATION and is coordinating the ECIAO project, which is aligning future internet activities between Europe and China. He is also assisting Technicolor in the coordination of the EC/FP7 project UCN (User Centric Networking) and Aalto in the coordination of the H2020 SSICLOPS project. Since February 2015, Martin coordinates also the H2020 project RIFE (architectuRe for an Internet For Everybody).

Director and Partner

moniqueMonique Calisti

Executive Director and Partner

Dr. Monique Calisti as Partner and Executive Director of Martel is managing the company’s business defining its strategic development and running the company in close collaboration with Martin Potts and the rest of the team. Monique is responsible for projects’ acquisition and daily interaction with customers and project partners in an international context.

She is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and ICT professional with consolidated hands-on experience in R&D&I management, technical & strategic consulting, communication and dissemination, social media marketing, as well as business development for innovative software solutions and products across various industry segments. Monique is specialized in European Commission (EC) funding mechanisms and has in-depth know-how of national and international grant programmes and support to innovative SMEs and Startups, with extensive domain knowledge in Next Generation Internet technologies, IoT, 4G/5G, large-scale experimentation, Cloud Computing, Multi-Agent Systems and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Dr. Calisti is currently managing several EC-funded projects Martel is coordinating and, in the last few years, she has been leading dissemination and communication activities of several other ones by providing impulse to several impact creation initiatives of direct relevance for the FIRE and FI-PPP programmes, and more recently to the 5G PPP and CAPSSI domains.

Before joining Martel in 2010 as Senior Consultant and Project Manager, she worked for Whitestein Technologies as Vice President of R&D being responsible for enterprise software products’ innovation, corporate research activities as well as business development, consulting, scientific editing and publishing. Since 2007, Monique has been regularly serving the European Commission as expert evaluator and reviewer in several ICT domains. In the last 15 years, Monique has also been serving as a PC member of many international scientific events and worked on more than 50 publications. She has been member of the Board of Directors for the Autonomic Communication Forum and she has been actively involved for several years in the activity of the IEEE FIPA standardization body.

Monique holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy.

Head of Martel Lab

FedericoFederico M. Facca

Head of Martel Lab

Dr. Federico Michele Facca, Head of Martel Lab, joined Martel in January 2016. He is a strong advocate of Open Source solutions (e.g. OpenStack, Apache Hadoop, Kubernates, Docker, …) and his expertise covers Cloud computing architectures and their application to different fields, e.g. Big data, Internet of Things, Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure. Dr. Facca acted as Technical Manager and Chief Architect in different large ICT projects: COIN, Infinity, SemanticGov, SUperhub and XIFI.

He is among the core technical figures in the FIWARE programme, within which he successfully supervised a heterogeneous team of more than 60 engineers from different ICT companies and major European research centers (e.g. Telefonica, Thales, Engineering, etc.) contributing to the FIWARE Lab activities.

Previously, he worked as Area Head in CREATE-NET focusing on Cloud computing management solutions; before that he was Area Head and Institute Manager at STI Innsbruck, focusing on service-oriented architectures and service middlewares. Dr. Facca obtained his Ph.D. in Information Technology and his M.Sc in Computer Science at the Politecnico di Milano.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Margherita TrestiniMargherita Trestini

Senior Marketing Consultant

Margherita is an International Marketing & Communication, Business Development expert with 20 years’ experience defining brand strategy and executing marketing plans to realize commercial objectives. She developed marketing and sales strategies in Europe, Gulf and West Africa for FMCG, Telcos, Engineering, Telecommunication, International Sport Events and Luxury brands. Keen interest and focus on emerging markets, start-ups, mobile technology, innovation, go-to-market strategies and brand strategy.

Senior Multimedia Designer

miguel-teamMiguel Alarcón

Senior Multimedia Designer

Miguel Alarcón has an industrial engineering background and a cross-disciplinary profile. He worked for several years in the field of design of industrial processes/projects, to then found a web design and marketing agency in 2004 where he gets strong skills in web, graphic design, video production and community management. In the last six years, he has worked on several LLP and FP7 projects in the ICT domain as in-house consultant mostly for communication and dissemination tasks. In 2013, he joined Martel as Communication and Marketing Manager focusing his work on dissemination and communication activities through web design, social networking, promotional material (from conception to realization) and multimedia (video production). He is currently involved in several FP7, FIRE and FI-PPP projects and he is also involved in several recently started H2020 projects with various responsibilities about internal and external communication.

Senior Software Developer

Tomas AliagaTomas Aliaga

Senior Software Developer

Tomas joined Martel Lab in September 2016 as a Sr Software Developer.
He discovered his passion for Software while spending his days in high-school assembling electronic circuits and developing code for micro-controllers.
His early experiences in Argentina included TA’ing and Software Development for FONSOFT R&D projects. He completed his degree of Software Engineer (Ingeniero Informático) at Universidad Blas Pascal, after taking the elective courses at Technische Universität Graz.
Living in Brazil he worked at ESSS as a software developer of scientific applications for the Oil and Gas industry. He gained extensive expertise with Qt, Python, Data Science and Agile Techniques applied on software development.
Tomas is a constant learner with strong passion for teaching and plans to become a professor one day. His main areas of interests include Algorithms, Linux and Python applied on Industrial and Scientific applications. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Administration Manager

sandra-teamSandra Witter

Administration Manager

Sandra Witter joined Martel in 1996 and has a consolidated experience in the financial and administrative aspects of Euroepan Commission project management. She had strong expertise on Grant Payments, Cost Claims, Independent Financial Audits, Liaison with the European Commission’s contract department and internal budgeting. She is very familiar with many office software tools and can take care of document formatting, the preparation of presentation material and compilation of progress reports.

Project Manager

Tomas AliagaMaria Chiara Campodonico

Project Manager

Maria Chiara is Project Manager at Martel and she is involved in management, consulting as well as dissemination, communication and community management activities in a number of ongoing Horizon 2020 projects.

She also helps Martel and Martel’s customers and partners in business acquisition through securing R&D&I public funding, including national and international European Commission grants provided through a variety of instruments.

Prior to joining Martel, Maria Chiara worked for several private, public and non-profit organisations providing support for R&D proposals/bid preparation (Horizon 2020, LIFE+, MED, Interreg, FP7, FP6, FP5), projects’ financial management and communication and dissemination tasks.

Maria Chiara holds an MSc in Civil Engineering with specialization in Transport from Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy).

Project Manager

graceKai Grace Zhang

Project Manager

Kai (Grace) has experience in facilitating international cooperation in research and innovation, education, public/private partnership and social innovation between Europe and other regions.
Prior to Martel, Kai was a Senior Consultant at a Portuguese consultancy and has efficiently managed activities of mainly European Commission (EC) projects, e.g. DG Research and Innovation – H2020/FP7, DG GROW, DG Education and Culture, DG COMP and EuropeAid. She was among the most successful bid winners for projects related to STI international cooperation concerning APAC region – mainly China/Southeast Asia/the Pacific – as well as North and South Americas.

Key activities that Kai was involved in within these projects include development of market research, policy analysis, feasibility and benchmarking studies, coordination and implementation of dissemination and communication, among others. Additionally, she is highly skilled in international event management.

Kai comes from a multicultural background and has received education in both China (Shanghai International Studies University, B.A. degree in English) and the United states (University of Pennsylvania, M.S.Ed degree in Intercultural Communication).

Project Manager

AlessandraAlessandra Scicchitano

Project Manager

Alessandra is a Project Manager at Martel and is involved in management, consulting as well as dissemination, communication and community management activities in a number of ongoing Horizon 2020 projects.

Alessandra holds a Dr.Ing. degree in Computer Engineering and Ph.D. degree in Systems and Information Technologies with a PhD dissertation on scheduling algorithm for IQ switches. After her PhD studies, she joined the IBM Zurich Research Lab as a PostDoc, working on the IEEE 802.1au standard and on algorithms for adaptive routing in HPC systems. This work resulted in different publications and a European patent.

Prior to Martel she was active in the Research and Education environment. Working first at SWITCH, the Swiss NREN, and then at GEANT, she developed expertise in the security and middleware areas as well as network and network performance.

Digital & Graphic Designer

gabrieleMargherita Facca

Digital & Graphic Designer

Margherita is Digital & Graphic Designer at Martel.

After a BSc and MSc degree in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, she started working as Art Director in different realities like web, ad and digital agencies acquiring different competencies in various sectors such as: ATL, BTL, Publishing, Brand Identity, Web Design and Social Media.

She has had teaching experience as teaching assistant at the design faculty of Politecnico di Milano.

She considers herself an eternal student and never misses an opportunity to improve and define new objectives and enrich her culture like following UX, social medias or video editing courses.

Project Manager

alicia-teamAlicia Higa

Project Manager

Alicia Higa joined Martel in 2009. She received a BA degree from UCLA and her background is as a Senior Business Analyst / Project Leader in the IT sector, with much experience of managing large and complex technology projects and teams within a multidisciplinary and international environment. She also has experience of Website design (e.g. for UN NGOs).

Software Developer Intern

Michele ChersichMichele Chersich

Software Developer Intern

Michele joined Martel Lab in January 2017 as software developer intern.

He studied at Università della Svizzera Italiana, in Lugano, where he first completed a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 2013. Towards the end of the studies, he started getting involved with programming, algorithms and computer architectures, thus deciding to study informatics. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Informatics in September 2016. In 2015 and 2016 he also worked as Java and Android developer.
Michele is a passionate learner and now aims to become a professional in software development, with particular interest in cloud computing technologies.

Software Developer Intern

gabrieleGabriele Cerfoglio

Software Developer Intern

Gabriele joined Martel as a Software Developer Intern in January 2017.
Back in High School he originally intended to pursue a career in Chemistry before developing a far greater interest in Computer Science. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Science in Informatics in 2016 at the Università Della Svizzera Italiana (USI) in Lugano, Switzerland. His studies mostly focused on Software Development, with his Master Thesis dealing with the collection, monitoring and analysis of performance data, making use of state of the art technologies such as Docker and Apache Spark. He is always willing to learn how to improve and expand his own skillset

Project Manager

timo-teamTimo Lahnalampi

Project Manager

Timo Lahnalampi has over 22 years wide experience in high-tech/mobile industry in Nokia corporation between years 1987-2009 including technical R&D, product development, project/product management, business development, marketing and sales in consumer electronics, telecom devices and mobile Internet & video services. He joined DIMES association in 2009 and was the project coordinator in the Celtic/NetLab project and later in the European Commission funded FP7/FIRE STATION project. In October 2012 he set up his own business – DiMPro Consulting (Digital Media and Project Consulting) – and he continues to support Martel in different future internet related project management tasks.

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