Martel Innovate H2020 Training: increase your chances of success!

Martel Innovate H2020 Training: increase your chances of success!

Martel Innovate H2020 Training
Increase your chances of success!

14, 15 February 2017, Bellaterra, Spain

Martel Innovate is delighted to run a 1 day and 1/2 training about “How to write a winning H2020 proposal” for the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Bellaterra in Spain. This is the launch of a new series of training modules focusing on H2020 funding, EU proposals’ preparation and project execution and management.

Horizon2020 Martel’s training: beyond the books

How many H2020 proposals did you write or participated to put together? How many of them did succeed?

trainingIn the last couple of years, competition for EU funding has increased tremendously, pushing R&D players to strive for excellence more than ever. Excellence of the consortium composition, excellence of the proposed approach and soundness of each and every single part of the proposal.

Martel Innovate has been successfully involved in the European funding programme Horizon 2020, H2020, since its very beginning with winning proposals. This intense journey has been a learning process, which, thanks also to several failures, has taught us how to optimize the process of putting together strong consortia and writing winning proposals.

Our new H2020 training series has been conceived as a comprehensive and modular package of courses that, beyond collecting essential information about H2020 rules and procedures, aim to provide our partners and customers with concrete tips and recommendations about the process of identifying the best funding opportunities. writing and submitting and excellent proposals.

Martel’s H2020 experience

Having more than 20 years history of participation in European Framework Programme ICT projects, and with 16 ongoing Horizon 2020 projects, Martel has a proven track record of writing successful project proposals.

Martel’s team is specialized in the management of EC projects and masters the EC on-line tools, the data that must be entered in a proposal, and generally how to write an excellent proposal. In the last few years, Martel has provided support to several European consortia in putting together winning H2020 proposals.

Within the context of H2020 proposal development and project management, Martel Innovate offers multiple modules which can be combined based on each organization’s specific needs and whose contents can be customised, based on the context, course participants’ expertise and areas of interest

Martel’s H2020 Training Modules:

  1. Introduction to H2020
  2. Proposal Development
  3. Administration and Finance
  4. Project Coordination
  5. Impact Creation
  6. Key Performance Indicators and Risks Management
  7. Dissemination and Communication
  8. H2020 SME Instrument
  9. Open Calls and Cascade Funding

monique barcelona-1These modules can be flexibly combined and the trainings can be customized to provide specific hints and tips for instance to Innovation Action proposals, where critical success factors are related to planned Impact & Exploitation plan (Section 2, PartBsec1-3)

Trainings’ participants can benefit from Martel’s senior staff expertise, hands-on experience and discussion of successful case histories and best practices.

  • Being able to identify and understand the relevant funding schemes, calls for proposals and relevant program documents
  • Understand the essentials of turning innovative project ideas into competitive Horizon 2020 proposals – beyond just meeting the requirements
  • Understand the evaluation process, rating criteria and mechanisms to better conceive and write your proposal
  • Network and exchange experiences with master trainers with long and sound experience of European funding and projects
  • Get professional support to elaborate on the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities at proposal preparation and project run time

Dr Monique Calisti, Martel Innovate Executive Director and Partner, who is conducting the training in Barcelona, concludes: “2016 has been an incredibly successful year for Martel and we’ve been increasingly asked to share our approach and modus operandi with a number of partners and customers. We are extremely delighted that the IIIA-CSIC has chosen Martel as their training partner, and we are sure the interaction with the participants will allow us to further refine the training program.”

For any further information about our Horizon 2020 training, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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