Happy Thanksgiving!

It does seem like a good occasion to write about my first weeks with Martel Innovate.

Everyone who goes after their dreams deserves, from time to time, a shift in life that leads them a bit closer to what they want in life. Moving to Zurich is definitely one of such “shifts” for me, both personally and professionally.

Thanks to Martel, a dynamic and agile SME focusing on promoting international collaboration projects, I am able to work on things I like to do and do well in, in a city where I’d like to spend a good part of my life.

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This blog explain how to use WordPress multisite on Hostpoint.ch, without the need of asking to Hostpoint.ch any manual configuration change (cf. this blog post).

Wordpress Multisite

Martel Media is providing different web sites to support the communication needs of the projects where Martel is involved. Before my arrival to Martel, this web site were managed using the default provisioning modality offered by Hostpoint.ch. Hostpoint admin panel simply deploys a new virtual service with a complete wordpress base code.While the hosting service in term quality/price ratio, considering also the support level, is really great, this limitation is quite an overhead from the management point of view.

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October comes to an end after a fantastic and unique experience in the beautiful city of Barcelona, namely, my first OpenStack Summit. Before November begins, I want to put down my impressions and observations of this incredible event. Taking part of the summit proved useful not only to better understand OpenStack, but also because next year, as part of the R&D activities related to FIWARE in Martel, we are going to push further the work on FIWARE Lab, a free to use cloud based on OpenStack with about 7000 users.

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